Why greenpin?

The standard green pin d shackles in our lifting shackle range have a standard screw pin arrangement and are manufactured from grade six, high tensile steel which has been quenched and tempered, and they come with a hot dipped galvanised finish.

These shackles are of exceptional quality and possess an excellent safety factor of 6:1; this means that the green pin dee shackle will only break if it is overloaded by a minimum of six times the designated working load limit of the shackle.

These shackles may be used in a vast temperature range – from minus 40 to plus 200 degrees centigrade.

In terms of load capacity, the smallest of this range can cope with up to 330kg, while the largest has a working load limit of 55 tonnes. The larger the shackle, the greater its strength, although you will need to take the size into account in case it will create an obstruction when it is deployed.

Compliance & Safety Benefits

Meeting all the relevant standards (EN13889) and performance related requirements (US Fed Spec RR-C-271, type IVB class 2, grade A) you can be confident of a safe and quality shackle.

EC declarations of conformity are issued with these green pin dee shackles and other certification maybe available on request, such as a basic raw material certificate and manufacturers test certification.

Other Shackles we sell

We also supply green pin dee shackles with a safety bolt and green pin  bow shackles in both screw pin and bolt types. 

Selecting the right shackle is important, especially if you have a particular load you need to handle, or a tricky operating environment to withstand. We stock special shackles which are a bit more focused in terms of the features they offer. This includes ROV release shackles and a green pin dee shackle designed for trawling. 

Of course you might just need a shackle to act as an anchoring point without taking a specific load, in which case our cost-effective commercial dee shackles will be a good investment. From high end lifting gear to value-oriented products, our site is home to kit and accessories of all kinds. 

  1. Products 
  • Lifting Shackles 
  1. D-shackles 
  2. Bow shackles 
  3. Chain Connectors 
  4. Eye hook
  5. Self locking hook 
  6. Swivel hook 
  7. Clevis hook 
  8. Grab hook 
  9. Chain sling Hook 
  10. Chain shortner 
  11. Turnbuckle 
  12. Websling Connector 
  13. Eye bolt 
  14. Swivel Eye bolt 
  15. Oblong Ring 
  16. Master Link assembly 

  • Manual Hoists 
  1. Chain pulley block (Loadx blue)
  2. Chain pulley block (Loadx Yellow) 
  3. Loadx Gear trolley 
  4. Ratchet lever hoist 

  • Motorized Hoists 
  1. PA-500
  2. PA-1000
  3. Wire rope hoist (Triple phase)
  4. Chain hoist (triple phase)
  5. Motorized winch (Single phase)
  6. Motorized winch (Triple phase)

  • Hydraulic & Ground trolleys 
  • Castors and Movables 
  • Wire Rope & Wire rope slings 
  • Chains & Chain slings 
  • Transmission 
  1. Contact 

Common FAQ questions:- 

  1. What are Lifting shackles?
  • Lifting shackles or Lifting points are individual holding units where there is an opening point for it to be inserted into any object i.e Hooks,Slings,Chains,Etc. They are made out of Gr-80 or Gr-100 Alloy steel or Forged MS.

  1. What are the Type of Wire rope sling choices we have for lifting equipment?
  • We have multiple Options in Slings based on Applications but some of the Usual ones are:- 
  • 1. Wire rope sling (Soft eye) 
  • 2. Two leg wire rope sling 
  • 3. Triple leg wire rope sling
  • 4. Four Leg wire rope sling 
  • 5. Grommet slings 
  • 6. Bridle Slings 
  • 7. Wire rope slings with Attachments 

  1. What is the difference between 5:1 & 6:1?
  • 5:1 Basically means that the breaking load is 5times the safe working load of the slings 
  • 6:1 Basically means that the breaking load is 6times the safe working load of the slings 
  • 7:1 Basically means that the breaking load is 7times the safe working load of the slings 

  1. By what certification are the slings manufactured?
  • All our wire rope slings are made as per IS 2762:2009 


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